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Time Lapse Photography - Cost Guidelines


Initial Survey

Assess optimum view-point for initial camera placement. 

Consider any special fixings required for fixing camera position.

Ensure that there will be full unobstructed access for duration of project – physical access is necessary to collect camera data on site visits

Provide client with a brief footage clip to allow agreement as to best placement option for camera.

Fee                                                                                                €245


Supply camera and appropriate lens and fix in place.

Fee                                                                                                €225


Camera Cost - from €250 to €350 depending on basic or pro model

Lead Time of 1 week usually ( may be longer around holiday periods)

Maintenance Visits

- Visits by photographer to check the operation of the camera and downloads all footage

- Check all fittings ensure consistent view throughout

- Replace SD card and batteries as required to ensure continuous image capture

- Supply video of footage captured (any editing of video content at this stage is subject to editing fee below)

- Visits are normally bi-weekly for construction projects but are variable subject to usage.

Monthly Fee                                                                                     €350  

Additional Fees  - that may arise      

Repositioning of camera if required during contract                        €175

Special editing to supply segments with branding                           €  75 per hour

Editing/Branding final video 1-2 mins duration                                € Included

All rates are subject to VAT @ 23%.

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