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The Making of a Photo

January 13, 2016

Project to photograph door handles for a nationwide distributor

Introduction by web designer - adding product to revamped website.

Client hoping to photograph range of handles on door in client showroom.

Following a meeting it was recommended by me that I do this in studio using my light tent to conntrol reflections and give a high gloss finish to the images. 

The initial test photo showe the handle lying on the light tent base but the client wanted to see them mounted as they would look when affixed to a door. 

This was going to involve a degree of DIY and workload in that the process of fixing had to be repeated for each handle and as all of them were not the same physical size and design drill holes would need to be edited out of some of the photos.

However my approach to my photography is to do what works best for my client once they are agreeable to the costings that are required.

Thus I undertook to use  a section of shelving ( very similar to the typical hollow door construction ) and mount white background paper on it so as to generate a very clean backdrop. Then a hole was drilled to facilitate placing the centre bar that through the wood and allow securing each handle before fixing with screws to give a finished look. We were dealing with Twenty handles types initially - so the process was repeated for each one.

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